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Why You Should [and Shouldn't] be Intimidated by SAGE

I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything specifically for people to read… well, besides an email. And this is just that, and exert from an email I wrote today. And it felt worth sharing.

If there’s one thing I have truly grown to love, it’s shooting people straight. So they always know you’re being real, even if real isn’t always fun. I don’t always do it, but when I do… it feels oh-so-good.

So, here it is:

“Why You Should [and Shouldn’t] be Intimidated by SAGE” (or anything new)

It’s definitely easy to be intimidated when you’re on the outside looking in, but I promise if you commit yourself to be vulnerable to this place that I have built, you will find far more than just progressively better fitness and health. You’ll grow stronger, not just physically, but mentally too. You’ll grow proud, not just of what you’ve done, but of who you’re becoming too. You’ll become a learner from those around you who have more experience, and an encourager to those just starting out. It’s really hard to be new to anything, but it’s worth it to be a role model for those who will come after you.

That’s exactly the attitude of SAGE. You will be less fit than some people. And that won’t make you any worse than them. And you will be more fit than some people, and that won’t make you any better. Everyone at SAGE has exactly the same goal as you, every day: to become a better person. You may find yourselves at different places on the path, but location is far less important than destination. Having people on the same journey is part of what makes the struggle possible. You’ll need them at times, and they will need you.

I guess what I’m really saying is, it’s okay to be afraid sometimes. And nerves just prove that something is meaningful. That’s probably a good thing, too. Because this life of health, is not going to always be a smooth one. You’ll get sore somedays, and really sore others. You’ll find aches and pains, and reasons to give up. There will always be reasons to give up. You’ll have to find the resiliency inside of yourself to stick it out when, “It feels like your not making progress.” You might as well start finding that commitment now. An easy buy-in just means one thing, an easy buy-out. Trust me, you don’t want easy anyway. You want progress.

And you can have it. But there’s only one thing that every person with a testimony has in common: they kept coming back.

Start believing you will to.