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9 Reasons to TRAIN for Fat Loss

It’s no secret that we believe resistance training is the way to go when you are looking for fat loss. It’s also no secret that I think lists are (just to be clear, that might be a real website, I don’t know, I wouldn’t advise finding out).

So here’s my list of 9 reasons you should be lifting weights rather than running distance to meet your body composition goals.

Resistance Training produces the following results:

  1. Increased metabolic rate over the course of 36 hours. After you lift weights, your body continues to burn MORE calories at rest than it normally would (this doesn’t happen with cardio). And some studies show up to 48 hours, actually.

  2. Increased or maintained muscle mass. You need some amount of muscle mass in order to get that “toned” look. If you’re a guy, building muscle will enhance your "shape". If you’re a girl, it will do the same thing. Girls with muscles are cool. No one wants to be soft and doughy.

  3. Increased or maintained muscle mass. This one’s a double-doosie. Muscle is a metabolically active tissue. That means it uses calories. The more muscle one has, the more calories one burns when they are just kicking back, catching up on some All My Children, I mean, monster truck rallies.

  4. Work off Stress.* Stress sucks. A lot. It sucks on you psychologically, but it also sucks on you physically. Stress increases the production of cortisol, a hormone that makes you store fat in the midsection. Enough Said.

  5. Work off Stress.* Oooooo, another double-down. Work makes you feel crappy. Exercise makes you feel invincible. Not to mention, accomplished. When you leave the gym, you aren’t worried about what you look like anymore, or what you ate earlier that day. You have PEACE OF MIND, because you know you just did something that was hard, and good for you. What would you give for peace of mind all day? A lot, I’d bet.

  6. Variation in Routine. Running is running. That’s really about it. I mean you can vary the distance, or intensity, but it’s still running. Which can get boring. You can do about a thousand-million things (for real), in the gym that will produce these effects, without ever getting bored. Stop hopping around your living room, and go LEARN how to lift. Being challenged is good for you.

  7. Promotes better looks with AND without clothes on. True statement. It's not that hard to look sharp with nice clothes on. It's much harder to look sharp when they come off. Nothing else I can say, here. See #2 if you are still confused.

  8. Positive Sleep Effects. Or, positively affects sleep. Just depends on which way you lean on the whole affect/effect feud. And better sleep means better fat loss, and better recovery (gainz).

  9. Strength + Mobility = More capable of living life. Lifting weights isn’t just about lifting weights. It’s a lesson in life: If Tiny Tina leaves the grocery store with 10 bags, each weighting 5 pounds, she has 2 hands to carry those bags and her car is 100 feet away; How will she get there? By being awesome. First, she has to dead lift those bags, then farmers walk with 25 lbs in each hand, set the bags down (Romanian dead lift style), unlock her car, then repeatedly squat down to pick them up, and reach out to set them in her car. Lifting things is life. Life is lifting things. How should you train? You do the math.

* Before any internet-exercise-super-star comments, I know that exercise is a stress on the body. But the whole purpose of exercise comes back to the principle of HORMESIS. And if you don’t know what a hormetic response is, you definitely shouldn’t be commenting (trolling?). But I still love you.