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A Gym For People With Goals

We aren't one of those gyms where you swipe your pass as you walk in and the staff only knows your name because it pops up on a screen beside your picture. We aren't one of those gyms where you fend for yourself, hoping you pick the right exercises and the right weights to meet your needs. And we aren't one of those gyms where you hide in the back of a group class taught by an instructor you barely know.

We are a gym of coaches. Professional, full time coaches.

Coaches who have committed their entire lives and careers learning how to help people more.

People like you. People with goals.

If you want to go at it alone, or if you want to figure it out by yourself, or if you want to spend your time wondering if you'll ever meet your goals... SAGE probably isn't for you.

But if you want a plan, if you want to know you're heading in the right direction, if you want a coach... SAGE is perfect for you. 

You can find out more by coming in for our completely FREE 30-minute No Sweat Session.

Training Tailored to Your Needs

Athlete Specific

We don't believe in "sport specific training." All athletes are different and all have different needs. This belief lead us to develop our 3-phase Athlete Specific Model (ASM3). First: ASSESSMENT. Second: CORRECTION. Third: ACCELERATION. By following these steps, in order, we are able to prevent injuries before they happen, and build on a stable platform.

Accelerating long term progress and injury prevention.

Body Recomp

Most people talk about "losing weight." When in reality, weight loss is rarely the true goal. Most people actually workout because they want to RECOMPOSITION their bodies. Think: Lose unhealthy fat and build healthy muscle. The end result is a body made up of more muscle than fat. We call this, Body Recomp. It takes more than just burning calories and starving yourself. It takes the right type of training paired with the right type of diet.

Distance Coaching

Wait, SAGE isn't just a gym? Nope, it sure isn't. Like I said, SAGE is made up of professional coaches. We write training programs and diets for people all over the country (and for people with all types of goals).

Some want to throw baseballs 95 miles per hour, while others want to become Navy SEALs (not exaggerating).

We have an amazing App designed specifically for training people remotely, and it works... really well.


Training Floor Hours:

Mon-Thur: 6:00am-8:00am // 8:30am-10:30am // 

11:00am-1:00pm // 4:00pm-7:00pm

Fri: 6:00am-8:00am // 8:30am-10:30am // 11:00am-1:00pm //


Sat&Sun: Closed

Semi-Private Classes:

Due to Covid-19 Restrictions, we are not currently offering group classes. All training is done individually during the training floor hours listed above.




Custom Training Plans

Specifically Tailored Exercise

Customized Schedule

Personalized Program

Individual Coaching

Self Paced Workouts

1-on-1 Accountability



Group Strength & Conditioning

Unlimited Monthly Sessions

Group Programming

Flexible Scheduling

Professional Coaching

Semi-Private Training

Well Rounded Fitness



Athlete Programs

Athlete Specific Training

Custom Programming

Flexible Training Schedule

1-on-1 Instruction

Progress Tracking

Sport Based Workouts

SAGE Memberships


Find Out The SAGE Difference:

For a FREE in-person No Sweat Session, just fill out the contact information below and click SEND.

Or, if you have a fitness question for one of our Professional Coaches, type it out and we will write you back with some FREE training advice.

SUCCESS! We'll Talk Soon!


And Power


And Diet Plans


And Cardio


And Flexibility

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