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Hi! I'm Seth.

I grew up right here in Winston-Salem.

(Just 5 minutes down the road from SAGE).

My whole life, I was kind of overweight. Even being an athlete, I was always the "chubby" friend in the group.


I didn't actually start getting fit until I was 19 years old.


Working out (the right way) changed me so much, I switched my major to Exercise Science (I have a Bachelor's Degree), started buying equipment, and began training friends in my garage.


Within a year I knew helping people was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.


Most trainers have a "niche" or a "type" of person they typically work with. 

Not me. I just really love to help people.


I opened SAGE so I could do what I thought was right for people, all the time. At SAGE, instead of forcing clients to get on board with our type of training, we focus on getting them the results they've always wanted.


While, I don't believe in the perfect program, I do think ours is pretty close. 


And I'd love to help you reach your fitness goals. No matter what they are.

If you're interested, just click the button below to claim your FREE No Sweat Session:

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"I’ve trained with Seth in one on one sessions and in group sessions and I challenge you to find a trainer more patient and motivating than him."

Grace Vaughan / Teacher, Reagan

"Seth is one of the most knowledgeable fitness experts in the area, consistently tailoring routines to best fit clients skill levels"

Brett Malloy / Physical Therapist

Seth and the Sage family very literally changed my life. Their approach to wellness is focused, yet flexible to your specific needs.

Chad Schrempp / C.O.O. Hilton Head Health

"Seth knows everything there is to know about how to get you stronger and faster and to get you into better shape!"

Danny Beal / Reagan Baseball, ECU Commit

"I've been going to Sage Strength for 4 years.

Seth has made such a huge difference in my level of fitness and my confidence."

Sonya Cox / Teacher / Vienna

"Seth is a true professional.

When you finish a workout with Seth you will know that you have more confidence in yourself!"

Matthew Currin / Heath Care Emergency Pilot

"Seth is phenomenal and [will] work with you to achieve your personal fitness goals."

Robbie Reidy-Bialobok / Calvary Baseball, Guilford Commit

"I have been extremely grateful for Seth's knowledge and experience the 2 times I've been injured (running-related Achilles tendonitis and a back strain).  He provided me with more information and PT guidance than my doctors and helped me get back on track safely and without recurrence."

Susan Tregoning / Avid Runner

"Seth is very knowledgeable about physical training and is invested in each person and their journey."

Patricia Ball / Teacher, West Forsyth

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