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SAGE Strength is HIRING!

We are looking to add a new coach to our team in 2021.


We are searching for an enthusiastic coach; eager to work with high school athletes.


Our ideal candidate is someone with an excellent work ethic, who values professionalism, has strong interpersonal skills, and demonstrates a desire to learn and grow as a coach and trainer.

15-25 hours per week available with competitive pay and the opportunity to grow.

Job includes morning and evening weekday shifts along with necessary weekend hours, including game attendance when in-season.

Coaching responsibilities include:​​

  • Building and maintaining personal & professional relationships with athletes

  • Continued education in training methods and anatomy

  • Ability to execute and teach proper exercise techniques to individuals and small groups 

  • Screening and evaluating new athletes 

  • Designing custom training programs based on goals, athlete requirements, and sport

  • Cleaning and maintaining gym floor and equipment

  • Bringing new ideas and methodologies to the team

Interested applicants should fill out the form below and prepare their resume along with a 3-5 minute video providing their athletic and coaching background, desires and goals as a trainer, and a few interesting details about their personal lives.

Once we receive the form below, we will contact each applicant personally; requesting the above information. 

Thank You!

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