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Read This to Stop Time

Maybe you’re like me.

Maybe, you don’t want Christmas to start until, at least, after Thanksgiving is over.

Better yet… let’s just wait until December 1st, while we’re at it.

I’ve got nothing against the Holidays, Just the opposite, actually. I love “Christmas time.” It makes the short, dark, cold days tolerable. Without Christmas, the 6 weeks leading up to New Years would be rough.

But I’d prefer the enjoyment of “Fall” to last a little longer. And, I’d enjoy stretching out a lengthy focus on that Thanksgiving meal we’ve all been waiting for.

(After all, there is a reason they say, “It’s not what you eat between Thanksgiving and Christmas that counts. It’s what you eat from Christmas to Thanksgiving.”)

Truthfully, I really want to hold off for a different reason, though…

…a reason completely unrelated to the seasons.

Time moves fast enough on it’s ow

n. It is continually escaping us. And it’s perpetually running further and further away.

Like it or not, Christmas IS coming. And like it or not, New Years will be here shortly after. Then it’s a small hop and skip from the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day.

Geez, it’s basically already Spring when you think of it this way!

But also, it’s not.

Time is, more literally, right now.

Time isn’t escaping us. It works at the same rate all over the world. All the time.

If it’s true what they say, “Days go slow a

nd years go fast.” Then we have all the more reason to live in the moment. In the hour. In the day.

Maybe time is so surreal because you weren’t created to live in the past. And maybe the future is so unpredictable because you weren’t created to live there, either.

You were created for NOW.

And, the NOW you are experiencing is creating who you’ll be in the future and how you’ll remember the past once you get there.

So run hard today.

Set your targets on what’s in front of you. And aim steady.

Forget who you’ve been. And give up the worry of who you’ll become.

Instead, BE the person you want to be in this moment, and in the next.

Focus on right now.

You’ll find much more contentment this way.

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