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Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about why I opened my gym.

Eight years into the process may be a little late to be genuinely answering this question. But I guess late is better than never?

After I started really working out in college, the decision to become a trainer seemed obvious to me, though I’m not quite sure why.

Once I started training people, I quickly realized I needed the freedom to do things my way (I was always a bit of a rebel), and the only way to do this was to own my own space.

So, SAGE Strength & Conditioning was born.

But I never really stopped along the way to reason with why.

I mean I knew why I worked out.

But I didn’t know why I was so passionate about making fitness a “career choice.”

Now 11 years later, I’m finally starting to understand what makes me tick. And it’s the absolute truth. So I hope you’ll believe it:

“Fit” is the default human condition.

“Able” is how every human being should be defined.

And the further away we get from this belief system, the higher the price we pay.

You were designed to be fit. You were designed to be able. These are your default settings.

To run, to jump, to lift, to play, and explore is to be human.

You weren’t created to use a computer. You were created to use your body.

Your thumbs weren’t designed to press the screen on an iPhone. They were designed to help you grab, and push, and pull, and throw.

And until you fully appreciate this truth, your life will be harder than it was designed to be.

You weren’t made for clogged arteries or high blood pressure.

Your heart wasn’t designed to attack you, it was designed to assist you.

To give you the ability to function fully.

Your lungs aren’t out to steal your breath from you. They were put there to give you life.

You weren’t made for fast food, or cheerios, or even protein bars.

And you definitely weren’t created for soda.

Your body was made to store fat so you could go hours or even days without eating.

Not so you could get “hangry” if you forget your afternoon snack.

You were created to rule over your body. Not to let it rule over you.

Exercise is so good for you because it’s exactly what you were created for.

Fruits and veggies are so healthy because they are the fuel you were designed to run on (literally).

We work out, we eat right, not because it’s just who we are.

But because it’s who human nature is.

This is what we were born for. This is what you were born for.

You were born to be fit.

We were born to be fit.

And until the day I die, I will help people become who they were born to be.

That’s why I opened my gym.


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